Darrell Evans

Consuming Fire – Darrell Evans and Friends is Darrell Evan’s latest and most passionate project. Leading listeners through a live worship experience, he brings along guests like Kate Miner, Paul Baloche, Charlie Hall, and Kevin Prosch to contribute to the project. Produced by Evans himself, this album features numerous new worship songs plus a new version of, “Fields of Grace.” Darrell enjoyed having the creative control, which helped give Consuming Fire the most authentic sound the band has yet to produce.

Having been a worship leader since his teenage years, Darrell felt comfortable and prepared for the recording of a live worship event. “I love the Spirit flowing in me and creating new songs through me. I try to be sensitive to what He’s saying throughout each moment of any concert. I want to be led by Him. I want to sing the songs He desires to hear.” This couldn’t be more evident than in the opening track of Consuming Fire where spontaneous praise is captured from the worshippers of World Revival Church in Kansas City, MO. It was an intense moment of praise.

The collaboration of Darrell and his friends helped make the recording of Consuming Fire unique and powerful. He felt honored to work with such talented people he has gotten to know over the years. “What makes this album so special for us is the common vision we share as fellow worship leaders. For us, it’s not about records sales or our ministries. We are in this thing together. Same Kingdom. Same Savior. Same desire to touch the heart of God and help others do the same.”

One of the most powerful tracks on the album is “Precious Jesus.” Even though the song is so simple, consisting of only three chords, it was a moment of passion and anointing. As the song progressed, the intensity kept building. Kate Miner, who sang on “Precious Jesus,” was so deep into worship that the band allowed the song to continue for nearly eight minutes. Darrell did not believe the mix should be altered in an effort to keep the performance genuine and real. Moments like this are what make Consuming Fire such an impressive album.

Darrell discovered his gift for leading worship while singing prayers to God in his own quiet time. “Over time, I built a secret place with Him. These songs are precious to the Lord and I, birthed out of intense desire for deeper relationship with Him. These songs are my heart, my prayers to Him.”

One day while he was working at Pancake House during college, he was praying and a melody came over him. This was the inspiration for the song, “Let The River Flow,” which landed him a deal with Integrity Music. He soon had success after success including such notable worship songs as “You Are I Am,” “Freedom,” and “Trading My Sorrows.” In addition, many of his songs have been featured on Songs for Worship, and WOW Worship. He recently left Integrity and signed with Spirit-Led Records where he values the artistic and creative control he gained.

Darrell finds he is inspired by many artists, including Bruce Springsteen, U2, Steven Curtis Chapman, Phil Keaggy, and Randy Stonehill. His diverse musical influences give his music the fresh quality it takes to be a success in the world of music. This is evident by the fact that he has won numerous awards including two Dove Award nominations from his 1997 release, “Let The River Flow,” and his 1998 album, “Freedom.” In 2000, Darrell’s single, “You Bless Me,” was ASCAP’s Christian song of the year. Darrell Evans is a talented musician with the power to impact the world through worship. “The Scripture tells us that every good and perfect gift is from God. The enemy of my soul has no power over creativity. I believe music was created and is intended to bring glory back to God.

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