Eden's Bridge

Name: David Bird
D.O.B: 6th March 1956
Occupation: Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist, currently working at the Yorkshire Centre for Forensic Psychiatry, Wakefield
Instruments played: Guitars, basses, cittern, keyboards, theremin
List of equipment: Gibson ES345 TDSV (very old!), Gibson Firebird, Rickenbacker 360 / 12, Fender Stratocaster, Takamine EF360SC, Fylde Cittern, Ibanez SR800 fretless bass, Fender Precision bass, Hagstrom semi-acoustic bass guitar, Roland EP7e keyboard, Vox AC30 (very old!), Peavey Minx bass amp, Assorted effects and pedals - shall I go on???
Don't mention: My sound engineering skills
5 words that sum me up: Tall, dark, handsome, rich, liar
Favourite food: Whatever my next meal is....probably chocolate
Favourite drink: Riggwelter
Lifetime ambition: To make a living out of music
Last thing purchased: A rug for Merlin - the studio dog!
Favourite holiday spot: Crete
Best film: The Matrix
Most memorable moment of your life so far: I can't narrow this down even as far as a top 100!
Tell us one unique thing about you: I am the only psychologist I know who, while in a therapy session with a (human) client, has been bitten by a horse
One thing you want to achieve before you die: Some more Himalayan peaks (not big ones)
Most dominant childhood memory: Having to sit at the school dining table for a whole lunch hour because I could not eat the pease pudding
Most treasured possession: Lucille! I've had my 345 since 1978 Where I go, she goes
In five years time expect to be: Completely bald
And finally: Blame his grandmother! It was Dave's grandmother that first exposed him to classical music, showing him that there was something outside of the Beatles. He still has some of the vinyl copies of Tchaikowsky, Dvorak and Beethoven.

At nine he was singing in the local church choir, and had started taking piano lessons. Having achieved the dizzy heights of Grade 1 (elementary), he felt he had done enough learning. Consequently, his keyboard skills are no better today than they were then. At 11, he joined the choir of St. Margaret's Chuch, Westminster, under Martin Neary, and became head chorister shortly before his voice broke. He says that it was this period of time during which he learned about harmonies and, most important, melodies, and this "classical" ear is influential throughout his writing.

At fourteen, in 1970, he picked up his brother's tattered guitar, restrung it, and applied himself to the Beatles' songbook. This began a relationship with an instrument which almost wrecked his schooling and has lasted a lot longer than anything he actually learned at school! Periods of study and employment were supported by music work with groups in working mens' clubs, although when he started his clinical psychology training in 1984 the guitar (Lucille) retreated to a spot under the bed and didn't reappear for several years. Having moved around the country over the years, he was attached to several churches. He was turned down (unheard) for membership of worship groups at two churches, in Huddersfield and Leicester, on the grounds that they had enough guitarists and bass players, so concentrated on writing a Requiem Mass. A demo of this was recorded at Richard Lacy's studio, and led to the question "what else can you do?" He wrote three songs the next week, one of which has subsequently appeared on an Eden's Bridge album. The 'Sanctus' from the Requiem has also finally made an appearance, on the Eden's Bridge album 'Celtic Reflections On Hymns'. One day he'll do something about his voice.

Name: Jon Large
D.O.B: 16/05/75
Occupation: Postdoctoral research chemist
Instruments played: Bass, fretless bass, piano, percussion
Don't mention: Carlisle Utd
5 words that sum me up: Lard, sideburns, science, low frequencies (alternatively: I do not like Westlife)
Favourite food: Curry
Favourite drink: Old speckled hen ale
Lifetime ambition: To make a living out of music
Last thing purchased: Spare toilet rolls
Favourite holiday spot: Cornwall north coast, UK
Best film: Kodacolour Gold ASA 200
Most memorable moment of your life so far: Completion of chemistry PhD, first EB shows (spring 1999)
Tell us one unique thing about you: My sense of humour
One thing you want to achieve before you die: A reasonable hairstyle
Most dominant childhood memory: Piano lessons on Friday afternoons (when Crackerjack was on T.V.)
Most treasured possession: My basses
In five years time expect to be: Five years older
And finally: Jon was forced into taking piano lessons at the (tender) age of six. His parents scheduled this for 5 o'clock on Friday afternoons during his favourite television program, something he has not forgotten.

After a family move to Cumbria, he was a member of the Carlisle Junior Choir and became interested in music. He completed his classical training by passing Grade 8 piano (distinction) at the age of fifteen and was showing promise on the oboe (Grade 5) when dental problems forced an early retreat. He promptly took up drums in order to play in a band with some school friends. With nowhere to house a kit of his own and after some parental advice ("think of something else, son"), he bought his first bass guitar aged sixteen and has been playing ever since, cutting his teeth in the local church music group (led by his mother).

A period of six years at college in York and several summer holidays at a youth camp in the lake district led to a chance meeting with Richard Lacy, who invited Jon to do some recording sessions at his studio near Wakefield - this led to an invitation to join Eden's Bridge.

Now officially Dr. J.M. Large, he has recently moved from Bristol to London to take a post at the Institute of Cancer Research.

The rest of his time is still given over to playing the bass, in a style that is best described as ‘melodic but fundamentally deep’.

Name: Leslie Spinner
D.O.B: 5th October 1972
Occupation: Recording engineer
Instruments played: Piano, bohdran, whistles, stylophone, drums
Don't mention: "soap" stars who make records
5 words that sum me up: Forgetful, dishevelled, mellow, anorak, forgetful
Favourite food: Anything unhealthy
Favourite drink: Riggwelter
Lifetime ambition: To play trombone on the next Charlotte Church album
Last thing purchased: AMEK compressor (like I said, anorak)
Favourite holiday spot: Home
Best film: Muppet's Christmas Carol / Where Eagles Dare
Most memorable moment of your life so far: Watching the dredgers in Bridlington harbour
Tell us one unique thing about you: Only person in the band who cannot play the guitar
One thing you want to achieve before you die: Lunch!
Most dominant childhood memory: Watching the dredgers in Bridlington harbour
Most treasured possession: The Wombles Christmas Album
In five years time expect to be: Old enough to know better

Name: Sarah Lacy
D.O.B: 20th August 1965
Occupation: Senior Planning Officer
Instruments played: Piano, bohdran, guitar, church organ
Don't mention: You can mention whatever you want!
5 words that sum me up: Very, very, very, very busy
Favourite food: Mum's meat and potato pie
Favourite drink: Darjeeling tea
Lifetime ambition: To never run out of ambitions
Last thing purchased: Chocolate for David!
Favourite holiday spot: The English Lake District
Best film: The Ipcress File: A 1960s spy thriller with Michael Caine
Most memorable moment of your life so far: There have been so many ... watching my Uncle fail to find the brakes on his quad bike and ending up upside down in the hedge bottom, while my cousin and I nearly fell off the bales we were stacking because we were laughing so much!
Tell us one unique thing about you: I broke my brother's arm. It was an accident ...
One thing you want to achieve before you die: To play at least one of Chopin's Preludes half as well as my Grandma could.
Most dominant childhood memory: Grandma's piano playing. She should have been a concert pianist.
Most treasured possession: Grandma's piano and music cabinet and Grandad's walking stick
In five years time expect to be: 7 years older than Richard!
And finally: Sarah sang her first solo in Church at 8 years old and has been promising herself ever since, that one day she will take singing lessons. She learned piano from her Grandma, guitar from her elder brothers and took organ lessons with the local Church organist, for whom she deputised when he went on holiday.

For many years Sarah was part of the team of musicians that led worship in Church and at other celebrations and conferences across the north of England. She feels this was vital experience for her later recording work as it gave her a deep understanding of the role of music in worship. She first wrote songs for use in worship and when the Church musicians decided to record them she took part, but remembers being nervous and unhappy with the sound of her voice.

The tape caught the attention of a record producer who encouraged her to sing and write more. Although she sung on many albums for different singers, the idea of doing her own recording “never felt right”. Instead she concentrated on completing her Degree and finding work. Things went quiet for a while, but over the last 5 years, she has again been working as a musician an writer and has now lost count of the number of albums on which she has sung. Whilst still not entirely happy with her voice, the years of singing backing vocals has given it character and control. This has freed her to concentrate on communicating the meaning of each song, which she sees as the most important part of a singer’s gift.

Name: Terl Timothy Cardew Bryant
D.O.B: Not telling, sometime in May 1961
Occupation: Drummer
Instruments played: Drums, drums, more drums, buckets, anything really!
Don't mention: The time we went to Bangor...
5 words that sum me up: Nice, most of the time
Favourite food: Chocolate
Favourite drink: Brandy
Lifetime ambition: To play on something as moving as ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’
Last thing purchased: Oscillating fan
Favourite holiday spot: Switzerland
Best film: The Mission
Most memorable moment of your life so far: I can't narrow this down even as far as a top 100!
Tell us one unique thing about you: I like beer and eggs together!
One thing you want to achieve before you die: Own a Harley Davidson
Most dominant childhood memory: The daisies in the garden
Most treasured possession: My family
In five years time expect to be: Wiser
And finally: If you believe any of the above, etc !!
Seriously, Terl is away at the moment and will be adding a ‘proper’ biog to the site on his return.

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