Jami Smith

Will we survive this worship trend? Will we emerge as worshippers of God or trend followers?

I am asking God to alert my senses to what is cultural Christianity and what is biblical Christianity. This pursuit is important to me because I want this generation to grow up worshipping God with their lives, but also understanding that music, scripture, art, silence... these things are but tools that remind us that He is the Prize, not these things in and of themselves. We must be careful not to perpetuate a form of legalism, but instead teach others to worship God, not a style, a sound, a worship song, or a worship leader. I want to help teach the body of Christ not to be confused about the purpose of corporate worship. I have unfortunately heard about adults and students saying things like, "I am not going to that conference because this person is leading or this person is not leading," or "I only go to church when he or she leads." Statements like these expose not stylistic preference but heart issues. A heart in love with God does not need its favorite style of music playing to express itself to God.

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