Johathan Settel

Jonathan is a man after the heart of God. He ministers extensively worldwide, bringing us back to our Jewish roots through Messianic expressions of worship and teachings.

Jonathan's travels have taken him to many countries as well as a variety of Christian and Messianic Congregations. The passion of this ministry is to see the Body of Messiah unite and in so doing exposes Anti-Semitism within the Church. Many have wept in repentance upon altar calls, releasing the Genesis 12:3 blessing.

Our desire is to see all of Israel (the Jewish people) come to know Messiah as the Body of Believers provokes them to jealousy. Many have responded to the call for salvation and letters are received daily reflecting the impact Jonathan's music has had on people's lives. This music and ministry materials have gone into places where Jonathan has yet to go.

Some letters we've received have come from halfway houses, homes for battered women, hospitals, those with serious illnesses, people mourning and those in need of emotional, inner and physical healing. Countless reports of changed lives such as these fuels this ministry forward into the plans and purposes of God.

Jonathan has written and distributed a book entitled "Delight in the Shabbat," which has brought "much delight" to many as they celebrate Yeshua as our Sabbath rest. He has also narrated "The Jewish New Testament," a translation by Dr. David Stern, bringing the completeness of the Gospel to all Bible Believers.

Settel International Ministries has released Messianic praise and worship music on CD and Cassette and soon to be released videos. Current releases by Jonathan are: "Delight in the Sabbath", "Songs of Jacob", "Tears of Joy", "Gallery" (a double CD), "An Encounter With Eternity", "Through His Eyes", "Through His Eyes" in Spanish--"A Traves De Sus Ojos," and Jonathan's newest spanish by Vida Records entitled "Orad Por La Paz De Jerusalem." Jonathan is in love with the Spanish language and the millions of people who speak it.


Jonathan, husband of Sharon Settel, father of six children; was born in Berlin, Germany and grew up in a traditional Jewish family in Washington, D.C. He studied music at the Inter American University of San German, Puerto Rico. For twenty years he was a vocalist in nightclubs, hotels, bars and cruise ships in the United States. In February of 1984, while employed by Walt Disney World, Jonathan had an "Encounter with Eternity". He became a Believer in Yeshua Ha Mashiach. (Jesus, the Messiah).

He was discipled for six years in a small church in Florida and was one of their worship leaders for their Erev Shabbat Service. In 1990, Jonathan responded to The Lord's call to make "Aliyah" (returned to his homeland, Israel), and moved his family to Jerusalem where he came to love and identify completely with the Israeli culture--and was fired up to "bring the Word forth from Zion". After a tremendous growth in Ministry, in June of 1996, he and his family then returned to the U.S. to fulfill the next part of God's plan for them.

Jonathan, along with his wife Sharon, their two daughters Ariella and Aviva and their son Amiel, now reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They attend Ayts Chayim Messianic Synagogue in Boca Raton, Florida, where Jonathan often ministers whenever his schedule permits. After living in Israel for six years, one of their greatest desires is to lead groups to the Chosen Nation of Israel on an annual basis; to have people experience the Land through Jewish Eyes, Through Yeshua's Eyes!

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