Kate Simmonds

Kate Simmonds is a worship leader, vocalist and songwriter based at Church of Christ the King, Brighton, England, part of the New Frontiers group of churches. She has been a worship leader at Stoneleigh Bible Weeks, Spring Harvest, Worship Together, Easter People, leadership conferences for New Frontiers and in Holland and Canada. As well as appearing on numerous live worship albums she has released two solo albums: a contemporary album 'One day' (2000) and 'Heart & Soul' (2002) - an exciting mix of congregational and contemporary tracks. A songbook is available containing the music from both these albums. Kate now seeks to be increasingly a writer of songs for the church. Her congregational songs include 'When I was lost (There is a new song)' and 'We come in Your name (You have been lifted)'.

Kate was born in London, England but moved to New Zealand when she was four, returning to England with her family when she was 16. She has been married to Miles for eight years and they are the proud parents of a young son, Matthew.

Kate and her husband Miles head up the large worship team at Church of Christ the King, Brighton where a number of other well-known worship leaders and songwriters - Stuart Townend, Dave Fellingham and Phatfish - are also based. They are passionate about God's church, and about building team and helping people to fulfil their potential in God. As well as frequently leading worship, Kate also performs live concerts with a reputation for musical ingenuity and excellence, as she gathers around her a band of outstanding musicians and singers.

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