Lenny LeBlanc

For over twenty-five years, Kent Henry's ministry has been totally devoted to worship leading and training. He has led worship on six of Integrity Music's Hosanna! recordings, including: My Refuge, The Secret Place, and So Close to You. He has also produced 22 of his own worship recordings, including: Awesome in This Place, The Psalmist Trilogy, Jeremiah 29:11, Children Worship!, The Psalm Series and Dance in the Glory.

Kent holds B.A. degrees in Music, Religion and Management from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. For the past twenty years, Kent has been traveling and ministering through "The Worship Seminar" and "Fresh Fire" meetings to thousands of worshiping believers around the world.

Kent's passion is to see true worship blanket the nations. For years, Kent has helped to facilitate prayer with praise, and intercession with worship. He believes that a major facet of his calling is to help release and launch the next generation of worshipers in their callings and destiny in Jesus. He has been referred to as an "apostolic psalmist."

Kent, his wife Carla, and their three children reside in St. Louis, Missouri.

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