Third Day

David Carr is Third Day's drummer. He beats down hard on things and keeps everyone in time. When he isn't keeping time, he is keeping everyone in stitches with his smile and dry sense of humor. Here is the result of an interview that Mark Lee did with David.

Tai and myself met at a church in Atlanta back in 88 or so. We both ended up going to the same high school and eventually got to know each other pretty well through our youth group. Tai was a virtuoso with instruments and was always playing something i.e. guitar, piano, drums, saxophone and -oh yeah, bass! I had been playing drums since age 11. At the beginning we were just playing in high school bands like " Soldier Blue", "Acoustically Speaking" and "Prophetic Absence" to name a few. None of those bands really went anywhere but it certainly wasn't for a lack of great songs!

We then began playing together with our youth pastor and soon we became the legendary rhythm section that we are now! Well it took a while but seriously, I think that our early years together really shaped the sound that we both tend to have now. You see I think a rhythm section is a force! There are things you can do with a rhythm section that you can't do with just guitar and vocals. But, you better get some guitars and voices in there or you're likely to bore people to death.

My first public performance on the drums was in a talent show when I was in the sixth grade. I played a song by a group from the U.S.A. called "'Til Tuesday". The song was called "Voices Carry" and it rocked-still does!

I joined Third Day in the Fall of 1992 during my senior year in high school. It's a long story how I met the guys but the long and short of it is that my youth pastor at the time knew Mark and Mac and hooked me up with them. They were already called Third Day. My first impression was a good one. I felt from the first song I heard that there was something special there and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

When I first met the guys I was already a renowned producer in the greater Chamblee Georgia area. I recorded and "produced" all of the big acts like "Five Lines Black" and... well you get the picture. All joking aside, I did have some knowledge of recording and how it worked so it was good to be able to hook up with Third Day who at the time didn't know which end of the mic cable went where. I was able to experiment a little with engineering an album and plus I got to play drums on it which was icing on the cake. It was a fun project for me and even though it is just a demo, I'm still kind of proud to this day of how it turned out.

Mac is a people person with a talent for connecting with an audience and he loves red meat. Brad is a disciplined, patient and thorough guy and one heck of a golfer. Mark is the most easy going guy in the world and makes everyone laugh. Tai is a passionate and driven person with ongoing vision and inspiration. Earliest memory Favorite childhood toy. My earliest memory is singing into a Donnie and Marie microphone when I was about 3 or 4 years old. My favorite toy was a Donnie and Marie microphone.

Mark Lee is the "General"...though we are not sure of what. Mark is a guitarist for Third Day and is known for his easy-going-always-smiling dispostion. Here is the interview that Mark Lee did...well, with himself.

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