Tom Kraeuter

Tom Kraeuter (pronounced Kroyter) has a heart for God and for God’s people. He is a gifted communicator who has been face-to-face with thousands of believers from all walks of the Body of Christ. People of all ages receive new insights from his straight-forward, humorous style. His unpretentious passion for Jesus is infectious.

One of the real hallmarks of Tom’s ministry is practical, biblical teaching that can be immediately applied to life. One pastor said it this way, “Tom has a deep and obvious love for the Lord Jesus Christ, a passion for knowing God in a deeper way, and a wonderful ability to communicate those qualities.”

Bible-believing churches of nearly every size from practically every conceivable background in almost every state have hosted the teaching ministry of Tom Kraeuter. From Assemblies of God to Presbyterian, Baptist to Pentecostal, Vineyard to Mennonite, the response is always overwhelmingly positive. Besides his own seminars, Tom has been invited to speak at a wide array of venues including The Billy Graham Training Center, Break Forth Canada, the International Worship Institute and many others.

The former managing editor of Psalmist magazine, Tom’s books have sold nearly a quarter million copies in five languages. He is a regular columnist for Worship Musician! Magazine and his writings have appeared in nationally-recognized periodicals including Growing Churches, Ministries Today, Christian Musician and Worship Leader.

Tom has been a part of the leadership team of Christian Outreach Church, near St. Louis, Missouri, since 1984. He and his wife, Barbara, and their three children reside in Goldman, Missouri.

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